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Irish born chanteuse Sheelagh Murphy Winner of the Best Cabaret Performer of the Year in 2013’s Cabaret Showcase Showdown.   Sheelagh’s incredibly versatile voice has been heard alongside greats such as Stephanie Reese, Spencer Day, Kim Nalley, Katy Stephan, Tim Hockenberry, Chris Dilley and Jason Brock.


She has appeared on many stages in both solo cabarets and alongside Grammy nominated musicians and Broadway artists such as Keith Lawrence and Yair Evnine

She has performed at various venues including Birdland in New York, Joe’s pub, The Millennium Biltmore in LA The Herbst Theater,  Feinstein’s at the Nikko, Cafe du Nord, Jazz at Pearls, The Black Cat, Society Cabaret, Oasis and Martunis.



In 2010 she released a classically inspired Lullaby Album entitled “I’ll Take You Dreaming” which topped the children’s charts in Europe. 


Three songs from Sheelagh’s upcoming Jazz EP are currently available on her website.   Sheelagh sings Jazz Blues, Show tunes and her own unique arrangements of popular artists including Radiohead, Prince, Heart, Chris Isaacs and Foo Fighters



In her spare time she Acts, writes and arranges music.


She performed in “Someday Love” an original musical by Spencer day and also a Queer Carol at in NCTC.

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